The purpose of education is to produce good citizens. Hence an educational system Should cater to the all round development of an individual’s personality and make him fitting and Useful person to the society. Knowledge leads to modesty.Any Knowledge will be meaningful only when it ends in service.

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It is expected that education should pave way not only to the materialistic prosperity but also to the ethical living and finally spiritual enlightenment. The modern developments in the field of science and technology have brought forth the materialistic prosperity.

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What is equally required is value education to strike a balance and equilibrium for harmonious existence. “Versatility,Modesty,Service: is the motto of Vethathiri Maharishi Matric Hr Sec School. Globalization and tough competition that prevails is the era warrants versalite personality to be developed in children.

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“NOT YET ANOTHER BUT DIFFERENT” Vethathiri Maharishi Matric Hr Sec School

In order to materialize the aforesaid objectives,the school follows the matriculation syallabus apart from core subjects included in the Tamilnadu Matriculation Syllabus. The school offers Hindi,Computer Knowledge,Spoken English and Value education as additional subjects. Every day the school activites start with meditation,common prayer,philosophic message of the great spiritual leader Vethathiri Maharishi and Principal’s address to the children and staff. The School ends with National Anthem in the evening Tamil,English and Hindi languages are taught aiming at the development of communicative skills in the language concerned and aesthenic sensibility.All Kinds of athletic and sports activites are encouraged.Let us aim at perfection and what is ideal and march towards it.It is not a yet another school,but to be a different and unique.