About Us

Welcome to Vethathiri Maharishi Matric Hr Sec School

The purpose of education is to produce good citizens. Hence an educational system Should cater to the all round development of an individualís personality and make him fit and Useful person to the society. It is expected that education should pave way not only to the materialistic prosperity but also to the ethical living and finally spiritual enlightenment. The modern developments in the field of science and technology have brought forth the materialistic prosperity.

What is equally required is value education to strike a balance and equilibrium for harmonious existence. Vethathiri Maharishi Matric Hr Sec School has been Started in 2012 at pavalathanoor,a small hamlet which is very close to Tharamangalam,a semi urban center surrounded by many other villages in order to offer a standard and wholesome educational system to the rural folk at a moderate and reasonable cost.

ďVersatility,Modesty,Service: is the motto of Vethathiri Maharishi Matric Hr Sec School Globalization and tough competition that prevails is the era warrants versalite personality to be developed in children.Knowledge leads to modesty.Any Knowledge Will be meaningful only when it ends in service.


Our Vision is for a safe and nurturing environment,with an atmosphere of high expectations for all,to meet the present and future needs of Community,Creating Ambitious,Successful and Responsible Citizens with improved quality of life and work.


The mission of Vethathiri Maharishi Maticulation Higher Secondary School is to promote the all-round development of students in their Physical,Mental,Social,Spiritual and Moral areas as well as to ensure that every studentís intellectual and emotional growth.